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Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)

“ I hate people generally, but I like people individually. ”
- introverts (via janesblueheaven)

bleed like me / garbage


get to know me | Singers/Performers {1/25} Gwen Stefani.

"Act as young as you feel. You’re not getting older; you’re getting more entitled to be your fabulous self."

"I had wings once, and they were strong."


fleur delacour is so important i can’t even put it into words

badass girl whose “most precious” was her sister, who despite what anyone might think of her (cough molly cough ron cough hermione cough) looks past any aesthetic unpleasantries because she is completely and irrevocably in love with bill, who willingly risks her life for harry (the seven harrys, anyone???), who manages to create a spot of brightness in the middle of war (wedding!!!), who is feminine and badass at the same time, who opens her home to an entitled goblin and multiple refugees/runaways, who doesn’t sacrifice one bit of her integrity or character despite the looming threat of war


No Doubt 1996 | 2012

… “Whether she’s screaming her guts out in front of a crowd or chatting quietly backstage, Brody Dalle is honest and tough, and that’s why she’s one of the most captivating female rockers of the last 20 years. And, a decade after the demise of the Distillers — the punk band she formed as a teenager and fronted with absolute ferocity for three studio albums — she’s still going strong.” +


me: *goes to bed at 5am*

me: *is shocked, angry and doesnt understand why i keep waking up at noon*

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i’m only happy when it rains


Usually when we talk about a singer’s performance in a music video we’re talking about their dancing or what they do with their body, or we ain’t talking about much at all. 

But can we just give Gwen Stefani a lifetime achievement award for facial acting in a music video? Like, seriously just watch about any Gwen or No Doubt video and see what she does with her face and then compare to any random pop chick’s video (except Nicki Minaj, obviously, who is one of the few who come close). 

If it’s a silly video her face is in constant motion. Her neck and shoulders bobbing about while she pulls all sorts of expression. About a 1/3rd of “Just A Girl” video is close-ups of Gwen mean-mugging for the camera. There’s an entire section of the “Sunday Morning” video devoted to goofy expressions. In “Hey Baby” she repeatedly runs full speed at the camera, face first, only to contort her face in something Lucile Ballian. 

But! If it’s a serious video she sells the emotions. Watch “Its My Life.” The best is when she runs over tony and peers up over the steering wheel with a perfect “I just killed someone …and I liked it” look. In “Cool” there’s a smile she gives to her ex’s Fiance that says “I am genuinely happy for them but it took a long time to get here and I am proud of myself for being so mature.” Elsewhere in the flashback portions she perfectly captures a teen girl who is giddy to see her boyfriend look. 

I mean, there’s a few singers out there who kind of always look dead behind the eyes in the music videos, and their labels really need to be like “Go watch some Gwen videos and try to do that.” 


A writer for the new york times interviewed a series of people who had survived jumping off the golden gate bridge. Every person she interviewed admitted that about two thirds of the way down, they realized that every seemingly meaningless problem that caused them to jump was fixable.

Every single one.


Do you know if Shirley Manson has got a body dismorphic disorder? (Sorry my poor english)


From what I know, she did suffer from BDD since growing up, yes.

More reading: 

(Interviewers/authors quoting Shirley)

1. About BDD, body image and media, March 2005:

"It’s called body dysmorphia and it’s something I’ll always battle with," she says. "It means you don’t see yourself physically as you actually are. I always feel embarrassed talking about it because I feel a lot of people will roll their eyes and say: ‘Oh look, there she is harping on about the way she looks. Well, she can’t feel that bad as she has her photograph in the paper.’ But I feel I should tell the truth about how women feel and how we do things that are contradictory. That’s just human nature. Yes, I do have my picture taken, and I look glamorous and I have my hair and make-up done for me but don’t mistake that for being in love with the way I look. I look at those photos sometimes and, well … it doesn’t make me feel good." (BartCop, x)

2. About body image and how she feels about plastic surgery, April 2008:

"I don’t think I feel frightened. The only thing that I don’t like, that I really find painful, is living with the face and the body ageing. I find that hard. I don’t like looking at it. But at the same time, I feel very opposed to plastic surgery and cheating myself in that regard too." […]

"I have a certain sense of who I am," she says, with what Rowan Atkinson might call "a certain degree of uncertainty". "I know that even if I did get something fixed it is not going to last very long and I am still going to be back to square one, and I’m going to have to face myself in the morning. So …" she lets the sentence hang. And then, as if it were necessary, she sets off on a political explanation for her reluctance to have surgery. "I don’t want to set an example for the younger generation of women who come up and think they have to fix their faces. I don’t want to pass that on to other girls. I don’t want to be responsible for that." (The Herald Scotland. x)

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